Point is a compiler for the C-like language Sand. This language is designed from the ground up for mission scripting in conjunction with GTA3 (original, Vice City, and San Andreas). This allows for much easier mission creation since one does not need to deal with the low-level details of GTA's assembly language.

Last updated: January 18th, 2006

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Source code. (Subject to this license.)

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Future (Planned)

January 17th, 2006

v0.16 (November 9th, 2005)

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Point binary distributions may be freely redistributed without royalty. License terms. The compiler and its source code may be used only for non-commercial purposes.

A Few Examples


For information on using the command line interface, see this page.


Point requires the .NET Framework 1.1.

A Language Overview

Sand's syntax is very C-like, although slightly less robust in certain areas. Some of the important differences are:


The opcode XML file this compiler relies on was originally put together by Jey Kottalam. And it of course relies on the information many people have helped gather. A large amount of opcode information comes from CyQ who was also invaluable in decoding the changes made to the SCM files for San Andreas. Also, CtlAltDel, dans, and several others helped me understand the low-level aspects of mission coding.

The compiler's parser is constructed using ANTLR.

The compiler's graphical IDE is constructed using DockPanel written by Weifen Luo, and ScintillaNET.

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