Elemental (project site is now offline) was a total conversion of the highly acclaimed game Dungeon Siege, comprised of completely unique worlds and inhabitants.

We called Elemental's theme Biblepunk™. The game was set in an alternate mythical version of ancient Judea that is gritty, mean, profane, full of thieves and Romans and whores.

And 8 foot tall mantis.


After a few false starts and several years of work, the Elemental team dissolved with its 3rd release. This release was complete as far as the base systems go, but severely lacking in content. Nevertheless, over 50,000 fans downloaded the final release. (And only a few exclaimed that they knew the project was vaporware from the beginning.)

You can read my brief, but more complete, Post-Mortem if you are interested.

Final Release Downloads

These (and possibly more) sites mirrored the final Elemental release. Please note that the team no longer exists so the mod is unsupported at this time.

(Download counts in parenthesis are as of February 17th, 2006.)

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